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PWRS is an experience. Born out of a shared love of music and experimentation, PWRS is an exploration of sound. That sound pays tribute to propulsive, pocket rhythms, haunting, atmospheric melodies and the immeasurable effects of musical obsession.

Brandon Welch and Todd Turner formed PWRS in the wake of Far-Less. After several years of operating under the standard issue “rock band” label, the two were eager to find something new. Where previous efforts may have been bound by live performance and critical reactions, PWRS constructs its songs with no regard for those past limitations. Like a painter, the group builds and layers its arrangements of percussion and harmony until it simply feels right. PWRS has liberated Welch and Turner.

Fear is seven songs built around the idea and definition of the word -- fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of death. While the themes are prevalent in the lyrics, the music carries the message. The shadowy title track introduces a collection of songs laced with influences of trip-hop, new wave, psychedelic rock and alternative.

The release is the product of hard work and dedication, over several years. Welch and Turner did have some help with Fear. They enlisted House of Fools’ Matt Bowers to co-produce and lend his talents on bass and keyboards. Guitarist Joel Kiser contributed performances to "We Are Awake" and "Someone Else".

Fear is only the beginning. It defines the motif for many conceptual releases to come. With the newfound inspiration and lack of boundaries, it’s hard to predict where PWRS is headed. Like most of us, they’re just looking for something to pour their heart and soul into.


released July 28, 2014

All songs written and performed by:
Brandon Welch, Todd Turner, and Matt Bowers

Guest guitar performances from Joel Kiser:
"We Are Awake" and "Someone Else"

Produced by:
PWRS and Dr Casino

Engineered and mixed by:
Dr Casino

Mastered by:
Tom Waltz at Waltz Mastering

All songs recorded at The Dojo in Greensboro, NC



all rights reserved


PWRS Greensboro, North Carolina

New project from Brandon Welch, Todd Turner, and Matt Bowers, formerly of Far-Less and House of Fools.

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Track Name: Fear
Say goodbye to yourself
Fear takes the wheel
Say goodbye to your friends
Fear holds your hands
Track Name: Lies
I could wait for days
I will find you
We drank
‘til the well went dry
Then we ran
‘til the pavement stopped
I see it
You’ve been reckless
With my heart
You’re the reason
That I’ve stopped feeling
I lifted it too high
I buried myself alive
With lies
You’re the reason
That I stopped feeling
Close your eyes
Breathe it in
You’ve got to feel this way
You keep them at a distance
Then you dance away
The end of our existence
Is this too good to be true?
It sounds too good
We say so much
I’ve lost myself
Somewhere between
And no harmony
Track Name: Wanderlust
Cross the line
What does it taste like?
What is it you find right or wrong?
It’s just empty
Space and thought
Separate from the flock
The reason I can’t forget
We walk into
We walk through the infinite
Cross the line
Swallow the big lies
Wander lost
Whatever you find
Right or wrong
I’m left empty
Crawling home
Separate from us all
These streets belong to us
We lay down all the stone
Our blood absorbed now
In this land
So tell me who to trust
Purchase the weakest minds
It’s fine
I’m sure they’ll understand
Track Name: White Cloud
Seek the shelter
Lock yourself inside
You and I
We both were born to die
Consequence has left me
On the fence
A casualty of love
Of friends
Of lies
The fear of moving on
The fear of failing now
It’s left me here
And it’s locked me in
All I feel is gnashing of teeth
This is hell we’ve created
Somehow we’ve caught fire
Brace yourself for what’s to come
The aftermath is obvious
Somehow we’ve caught fire
Everyone that we know
Makes promises
They don’t keep them
And we don’t forget them
Out here the true forsake us
Beware of the clueless fakers
Out here the truth is forsaken
Beware the clueless
Track Name: We Are Awake
Absent of faith
And I can’t stop this backslide
Pull on the string
And you unravel all of me
It’s within me
I know exactly what it means
Fear of the unseen
It builds inside of me
Time will rest us all
We should live for tonight
Power feeds on soul
No hidden hands
Will ever liberate us
We are alive
We are awake
Time will rest us all
We should live for tonight
Erased from the past
From the pages
We put our faith in anything
Fear of the unseen
It builds inside of me
Do you feel like God?
Do you feel like you’re
Out of sight, out of mind?
Do you feel like God?
Do you fear that you’re out of sight?
Track Name: Dust and Bone
You were young
And opened up your heart
You let me in
You let it in
What’s the worst thing
That could happen?
Not again
I was a bastard
I was a coward
I could never imagine
What was to come
You are the one
We could share this love ritual
Touch and thought
Come save me from myself
In the end we are dust and bone
Lost and gone
Come feel this while we can
You could run
But I would not catch on
Youthful spirit
Still crushed
Didn’t deserve to stand in the light
Or behold the beauty
I was a bastard
I was a coward
I could never imagine
What was to come
You were the one
Track Name: Someone Else
Down the path most follow
All hope is lost
Men lay down their guns
Women hold their tongues
For this hollow weeping willow
Shades educated friends and thieves
Maybe I need to be
Loved by someone else
I need to be
Hurt by someone else
You had one taste of freedom
Now I don’t have a believer
I had so much hope for myself
Now I hate myself
And I give so much hurt
To everyone else
You’d think I hated
Everybody else
Care what you wait for
You’ve lost it
Fearful of what you wish for
You’ve lost it
Careful what you care for
Now you’ve lost it all
I have seen it all before
I have heard the sound above